Although we had one last big snowfall last week, it seems that winter is finally on its way out, which means only one thing, spring is on its way in—finally! It’s time to put aside your snow boots, puffer jackets, head scarves, gloves, you name it. Even though the temperatures have just started to hit the 50’s and low 60’s, the coldest weather we are speculating is mid-40’s. However, I hope I am speaking for all of us when I say, if it’s above freezing—it can be considered warm.

There are many new must-have trends and items of clothing for this spring 2015 fashion season. Specifically, I have narrowed down two absolute must-haves for every college student, and this Fashionista is rocking both. The first is a great pair of jeans and the second is a collection of lightweight button-down shirts. The light wash skinny jeans on this Fashionista are perfect for the introduction of the spring season. Unlike in the winter season where there was a lot of dark-wash and black denim, spring allows for more of a variety—such as light wash, dark wash, black, ripped, patterned—the possibilities are endless. These skinnies are versatile and can be worn with a casual outfit as demonstrated by this Fashionista, or dressed up with a neutral-colored blouse, blazer and heeled booties.

Her layered button-down top also adds to a breezy spring season. The plaid top works with the casual feel of the jeans. If you’re feeling a bit cold, throw on one more layer, like this Fashionista who opts for a burnt brown button-down jacket. Additionally, one of the biggest trends this spring season is eyewear and this Fashionista’s pair is full of spunk.

One Simple Change: This outfit is comfortable for a day of class. However, it can also be comfortable for weekend wear, especially during the day. Simply throw on a floppy hat to add more of a formal feel, add a little flair for the weekend.