Although spring hasn’t officially sprung, it’s that time of year when we step outside wearing a down feather parka one day, yet ripped jeans and a T-shirt the next. As if picking out our outfits isn’t already a struggle, we must also endure weather confusion. Everybody has experienced this in some way or another; it’s not a fun walk to or from class during a rainstorm when you have forgotten your rain jacket. All in all, spring weather is fickle and can leave us in a frenzy, especially if you wake up five minutes before your first class.

Luckily, we can take inspiration from this week’s Fashionista, who seamlessly embraces weather confusion. T-shirt dresses are a staple item for any time of year because they’re comfortable and effortless. She paired her T-shirt dress with an oversized button-down flannel and suede over-the-knee boots, both of which are perfect transitional pieces for winter to spring weather and have the added bonus of keeping you warm. To complete the look, she accessorized with layered necklaces and dark sunglasses. Her short, layered necklaces are understated and stylish accessories that tie her ensemble together. This Fashionista’s look is trendy for a casual day and practical for the unpredictable weather.

One Simple Change: This look is so versatile for multiple occasions. Instead of wearing this outfit on a casual spring day, try and wear it out to a girls’ night out. Switch out the laid back flannel shirt for an edgy leather moto jacket and a natural dark lipstick. The over-the-knee boots are chic and so much more comfortable than heels.