The beginning of the end of spring means many things. One huge thing that comes with this is being outside with people, experiencing good energy and vibes, and eating great food. Cookouts are one of the most frequent gatherings that people have when the weather is nice out. The reunion of good people, good music and good food is the climax of happiness and fun in one. As college students, let’s face it, we already struggle with money during the year so if there is free food multiple times offered in a season, we would be crazy to pass up that offer.

Although spring events could all serve the same purpose or different ones in the end, some of the initial purposes can vary when the reason for the occasion changes. There are many cookouts, parties and gatherings for seasonal holidays, birthdays and graduations.

Here, we see the Fashionista has on a nice, clean white tank top. The black sheer harem pants from H&M complement the white shirt because it’s a casual event, but not too casual. The pants dress up the shirt to still give it a dressier look but not too dressy. Next, for the accessories, we start off with the satchel purse, which is by Michael Kors. This purse automatically takes away any idea of the person not having style because this is what’s in. When it comes to the jewelry, just keep it plain and simple because it’s a causal and event. Simple diamond studs, one single bangle with jewels and a single chain necklace will do.

One Simple Change: If you wanted to make this look dressier, change the blouse to something loose with nice material. The finishing touch to this outfit are the sandals which could be switched out for a heel if you wanted to keep the top the same. Either way, both simple changes would give the outfit a dressier look for a graduation party.