Stripes and spring seem to go together almost as well as Netflix and ice cream. Both are a beautiful pairing that instantaneously bring you joy. Stripes have been a staple for quite some time in the fashion industry and continue to prove their ability to stay in the limelight by giving us Fashionistas/os alike a straight-forward and chic outfit to show off around campus. Whether showcased in a dress or a basic T-shirt, stripes in spring genuinely do make everything nice. With the trees blooming and the weather posing not too hot/not too cold temperatures, it seems that all of our lives get a little less complicated when it comes to picking out our attire for a long day of classes.

This Fashionista is dressed perfectly for a spring day. Her striped shirt makes the perfect base for her outfit, layered with a light denim jacket that gives her outfit a sporty essence. The sweater material that makes up her sleeves are sure to keep her warm if the wind decides to pick up and makes for a cute contrast against the denim. Her black skinny jeans are perfect for a 65-degree day and pair well with the black hue in her top. Her artfully detailed sandals caught my eye as I was walking to class; the leather and the beading too beautiful to not be recognized by this guru. They not only provide a comfortable walk to class, but also make for a colorful statement that makes her overall outfit pop. Her accessories are perfectly simplistic and add a little bit of personality to her look.

I have been adding a lot more stripes to my wardrobe lately and continue to be inspired on ways to style them for spring. This Fashionista definitely has me wanting to rock my next set of stripes with my favorite denim jacket.

One Simple Change: When the weather proves to be a little warmer this summer, transform your outfit by tying your jacket around your waist; this will instantly add an edgy dimension to your ensemble as well as keeping you cooler on your walk to summer classes.