April 17th, 2015 at 2:00am

The transition from winter to spring weather is always a tricky one. When you wake up, it is still pretty chilly outside but when you step outside of class or work, the sun is blaring and you are sweating. The extremities of temperatures in the winter-to-spring transition can make choosing the right outfit difficult for a Fashionista. To wear jeans or shorts? A dress or a sweater? There are so many options and variants. However, the key to putting together a successful spring look is layering. When it is cold, a lot of lighter layers will keep you warm but once it gets warmer throughout the day, you can shed a few of these layers to stay comfortable.

This week’s Fashionista knew exactly how to piece together the perfect spring outfit. For when the temperature is warmer, she sticks with the simplicity and easiness of a patterned romper. Not only are rompers one of my favorite pieces, since they take care of both your shirt and bottoms in one, but they have the potential to be extremely stylish and unique. What makes this Fashionista’s romper a quintessential spring piece is not only its pattern but its cut. The black and white striped pattern gives it serious flair, while the deep angles of it give it some edge.

For when the temperature is a little colder, this Fashionista did the sensible thing of adding on a cardigan sweater. To match with her romper, she went for a solid black sweater. Throughout her accessories, she also continued with the solid black trend. From her awesome sunglasses to her uniquely studded pointed-toe flats, this Fashionista knows how to tie together her entire ensemble and is ready to take on the spring.

Although the temperature changes of the spring make take you off guard, just remember that layering is the perfect way to deal with unpredictable temperatures.

One Simple Change: To mix in a boho vibe that would be perfect for a concert, switch out the fitted cardigan for a loose, shapeless sweater.