The weather in West Virginia has been beautiful. With finals going on and the semester coming to an end, everyone seems to be making the best of the end of the year by lying outside on blankets, enjoying the sunshine. On warm days like today, my friends and I love to take a volleyball to the park and play around. We are all so sad that we won’t be seeing each other for three months, so we are enjoying our last few days of the semester together.

At the park, I spotted this Fashionista in the perfect outfit for spring. This outfit is perfect for playing soccer or just relaxing in the sun. This Fashionista starts off this outfit with a neon pink tank top layered with a black cami. The neon pink color brightens things up and adds some life to this outfit. This tank top is a perfect color for spring and isn’t too hot to playing soccer in. She pairs this combo with some jean shorts, rolled up at the bottom. She wears cute sunglasses with colorful details on the sides and a cute watch to accessorize. This Fashionista goes barefoot to enjoy playing in the park. And, of course, no day in the park is really complete without a ball, right?

As you are getting ready to go play in the park with your friends, keep this Fashionista’s style in mind. Stick to bright colors, and live it up with your friends!

One Simple Change: When the sun goes down and all your friends want to go to the library and study for finals, just add a cozy cardigan. You’ll be ready to go study in the library!