May 5th, 2015 at 2:10am

Spring has officially arrived in New York City and everyone is thrilled. Putting away our Eskimo coats is reason to celebrate alone. Of course, as spring arrives, new trends follow suit. I love winter because there is a strict dress code which makes getting ready in the morning a piece of cake. In New York, that dress code is adhering to our neutrals: black, white and maybe beige if we are feeling adventurous. Pops of color do show up now and then but the moral of the story is that being boring is widely accepted in the winter. If only it was that easy in the spring. As soon as the temperature rose above 50, the pressure to be on-trend was felt through the air. Yet, if you think about it, spring does have its own dress code as well. Most associate spring with florals, light cotton fabrics and bright colors. So do we really have that much pressure when our alarms go off? The short answer is no. The long answer of course, and will always be, yes.

The fashion industry creates these trends for us. We learned this in the famous scene in The Devil Wears Prada where Miranda Priestly famously points out that her assistant’s sweater may be a boring choice at first glance but was actually inspired by a Marc Jacobs collection. Conclusion? There is no escaping the fashion industry. However, there is always room to challenge it. This Fashionisto embraces the ideals of transitioning from season to season with the unexpected. The blatant example of this is his polka-dot shirt. Polka-dots are not a pattern associated with spring; many would opt for florals first like I mentioned before. Wearing a pattern is a tribute to the arrival of spring, yet the pattern choice represents individuality. A light fabric is also a great choice for spring weather. It can be easily accessorized and easily transitioned. It is also an easy layering piece. In the city, spring weather is never predictable. Having a reliable jacket and some fun layering pieces like a flannel make for the perfect spring weather OOTD.

To finish it off, this Fashionisto paired his jacket with a pair of cropped jeans. The rules of boyfriend jeans extend to men—not just women. As long as the fit and color are flattering for you, I firmly stand by the opinion that they are the most comfortable and sensible jeans for spring and summer days because of the loose fit, faded wash and often cropped detail.

Spring is here and it is time to celebrate. Welcome the new weather by setting a new goal for yourself. Challenge the fashion industry, and even challenge yourself! New season means new opportunities!

One Simple Change: Have a first date coming up? Swap out the casual jeans for a pair of black jeans for a more formal look!