Ah yes, the time has finally come where college students can finally ditch their winter coats and wooly scarves and swap them for more fun and colorful spring pieces! Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. Not only do I appreciate the warmer temperatures that come with spring, but I also love watching students on campus begin to ditch their warm layers and start incorporating their individual spring styles into their wardrobe.

That being said, this Fashionista’s fun ensemble undoubtedly caught my eye. From the double slit maxi skirt to the battered sneakers, this outfit was a definite refresher apart from the winter outfits that flooded campus not too long ago. What I really like about this Fashionista’s outfit is the various trendy items she incorporates into her look. Her backless crop top (moment of silence for it finally being crop top weather!) gives her outfit an edgy vibe. A backless crop top is both a unique and flattering piece to wear during the springtime due to the warmer weather and the fact you get to show off your killer tan!

For me, the center of this Fashionista’s outfit definitely revolves around her statement tribal print skirt. The textile of the maxi skirt is very eye-catching and radiates a boho vibe. Due to the double slits in her skirt, it is easy for her skirt to flow in the wind creating an effortless and gorgeous look! As well as creating a pretty picture by blowing in the wind, the double slits of the skirt also show off her legs, perfect for the beautiful warmer temperature outside.

To finish off her look, the Fashionista opts for a pair of black Vans to show off her spunky personality. She also chooses to pin her hair up in a cute ballerina bun to expose her backless crop top.

One Simple Change: One of the things I admire most about this outfit is the versatility. In this specific case, the Fashionista chooses to keep her ensemble casual with her sneakers. However, you could easily dress up this look even more by swapping your cool sneakers with a pair of cute wedges for a girl’s night out!