April 30th, 2015 at 2:00am

With spring now in swing, expect to see a flurry of bright and fun colors. While neons and pastels will certainly liven things up, however, as summer approaches, white and beige will also be infiltrating the apparel sections of your favorite stores.

I love a good neutral color to balance out a colorful element of an outfit. I’ve always been told, for example, that a neutral colored skirt or pair of pants really highlights a bright top. Who says, though, that neutrals can’t be the stars of your spring outfit?

Similar to rocking all-black ensembles, wearing an all-neutral look can easily get boring and repetitive. However, with any trend, it’s all about experimentation. Take this Fashionista’s outfit, for example. This combination of white, beige and brown may have seemed simple at first. However, her mixing of textures makes this look really unique. Her knit cardigan in particular stands out among the thinner fabrics. Her purse also adds a darker shade of brown to the mix.

As we slowly approach the summer months, neutrals also offer us comfortable options that black clothes simply could not provide. With her thin shorts and tank top, this Fashionista will be able to walk to class and still feel cool and refreshed. If she does get chilly in class, however, she also has her comfy cardigan to help her cover up. Her white sandals also are perfect for walking around on a lovely day. It’s a look that’s ideal for not only a lecture hall but even a beach or a day out shopping.

One Simple Change: Want this look to transition into summer? You may be too warm in that knit cardigan, so simply replace it with a thin blouse or wrap.