April 30th, 2015 at 2:00am

One of the best parts of spring is how everything seems to be so much brighter and more colorful. The sky, the emerging green grass, the budding flowers, etc. Your outfits should follow suit. Why be drab when you can be fab? Spring is one of the best seasons to dress for.

This Fashionista has captured the colorful vibe of spring with her stunning outfit. Her pastel yellow sweater couldn’t get any more perfect for a beautiful spring day. It’s soft and colorful, just like a daisy. Her scarf also embraces spring with a lovely floral pattern that adds a hint of femininity to the look. The small yellow spots on the scarf match the sweater wonderfully without being too overbearing. She keeps things casual by wearing light-washed denim jeans with slight distressing. One cannot go wrong with jeans because they’re a staple to every college girl’s wardrobe.

She keeps her accessories to a minimum to let the scarf be the main focal point of the ensemble. Her rose gold and white watch is a great addition. Watches create an element of sophistication and elegance to almost any look. Her earrings complement the blue tones in her scarf and draw attention to her beautiful face and obvious sense of style. Her plain white shoes tie the entire look together. Any Fashionista can agree that white shoes are simple and can match any outfit all while looking polished.

Be inspired by this Fashionista. You’ll encapsulate the queen of all spring ensembles by looking feminine, polished and full of life. Warning: you may be mistaken for a gorgeous spring flower (minus the pollen of course).

One Simple Change: Attract a cutie with your spring outfit? Simply swap the scarf for a statement necklace, and replace the white shoes with a pair of heels for a fun date night look that will surely get the bees buzzing.