Ever have those days where you want to wear a skirt or shorts but it’s just a smidge too cold outside still? I know I definitely have those days when summer is approaching and I’m just itching to break out my favorite dresses. But until then unfortunately, we’re all just going to have to stick to our jeans and leggings.

This Fashionista has those in between days figured out. With a floral sleeveless shirt and a cardigan she can easily stay comfortable and stylish until dress weather is here. The cardigan offers just the right amount of coverage and warmth so you won’t be freezing in the classroom or if it’s a little breezy outside. Even if the day starts to get warmer you can just whip off the cardigan and your outfit is still cute and fashionable! One of my favorite parts about this shirt is the back. I’ve really been loving different straps layouts on the backs of shirts and it just makes this shirt that much better! This Fashionista even has a really cool back tattoo to show off when it gets warm enough to take off the cardigan!

The elephant necklace is the perfect finishing touch to this outfit because it adds just that little bit of detail that gives the whole look more visual interest and steps it up from being too basic. Add some sunglasses and BAM, this Fashionista is ready for spring!

One Simple Change: Throw on some leggings or jeggings instead of jeans and you’ll be comfortable for hours on end at the library.