No matter what campus you are strutting your style on, the weather in spring can be a bit bipolar. You dress for the seemingly sunny day outside and you come out of class to a torrential downpour and wind! How do you dress for that?

This Fashionisto has conquered the confusing spring weather and reflected the trends of spring with a casual ensemble. One great way to dress for this in-between season is to lightly layer. A simple plain white T-shirt, or even a graphic T-shirt, is staple for any wardrobe because it can be layered with anything and can be multifunctional in your wardrobe according to occasion. For a spring day he pairs it with a thin cotton patterned flannel. Take that winter flannel and keep it open for the perfect warmth when it starts to rain. Adding the canvas Converse is a lightweight shoe option that can still keep your feet warm. If you are not sure what tennis shoe fits your style best read last week’s post to help you out.

Not only is this Fashionisto’s outfit all weather appropriate, but it also reflects some menswear spring trends. The black skinny jean is becoming more popular than dark wash denim these days in menswear and women’s wear. Spring is typically recognized for its pastels, but if you are not easily pleased with pastels, a multicolored flannel brings a pop of color into your wardrobe without screaming “Easter!”

Soon enough there will be no questions about this crazy weather, because remember, April showers bring May flowers.

One Simple Change: Your campus may have skipped spring and gone straight to summer! In that case, you can substitute the black denim jeans for jean shorts, and the converse with a pair of Birkenstocks or TOMS shoes. Also, to keep the button-down look, try a short sleeve button-down opened up.