April showers bring May flowers—well at least that is what we are all told growing up. What this dated rhyme doesn’t say is how to dress appropriately for those frequent spring showers. What’s a Fashionista/o to do when the day’s forecast is spotted with scattered storms?

Take some advice from this week’s Fashionista and pack a punch with a print. This Fashionista sports an atypical spring ensemble, rocking a camo print instead of your typical spring florals. The color scheme is perfect for gloomier spring days, keeping light layers at hand while sporting a masculine and tough print. Her army green jacket perfectly pairs with her high-waisted pants, adding a looser layer to her fitted base. Instead of your typical rain boots for the deep puddles and unexpected showers, this Fashionista wears a classic black combat boot. This style adds to the army style, providing additional sass for the overall military style ensemble. In addition, the combat boot is a more stylish version of the often bright rubber rain boot, being more comfortable and versatile and great for small puddles or running around campus.

She gloriously polishes off her look with a beautiful bold red lip and her gorgeous light hair to juxtapose the dark aesthetic of her outfit. The lip adds a bit more spring color to the dark olive tones and demonstrates her bright personality on the dreariest of days.

One Simple Change: Swap out the camo pants for a high-waisted skater skirt for a similar waistline but a much girlier feel and aesthetic. This look is perfect for the sunnier spring days that are packed with classes.