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April 27th, 2015 at 2:05am

It’s April, which means finals are right around the corner and spring is officially here. The warm temperatures have arrived and hopefully (because you never know here in Ohio) here to stay. This week’s Fashionista has the perfect outfit for spring 2015 as she wears the latest trends from head to toe. The best part of all, it’s simple and comfy, perfect for anything from class to a fun-filled weekend.

In order to achieve this look, or one very similar, for spring there are a few essentials you are going to need. The first thing is a pair of printed trousers. The pants are definitely what makes the Fashionista’s outfit and was what I complimented her on right away. These geometric print trousers will be a fabulous option. The best part is that you can just pair them with a simple black or white top since the pants are already detailed enough. Leather sandals are very in for this spring and that is exactly what the Fashionista wears. You will likely see brown sandals out and about everywhere and thankfully they go with just about anything. The final essential of the season is a leather tote, a simple and must-have accessory. Like I said, this look is rather simple and yet trendy at the same time, the college girl’s dream.

One Simple Change: If you love this week’s Fashionista’s look then there’s good news for you; it can be worn in the summer as well. If you’re wondering what to wear around this summer just swap the printed trousers for a pair of printed shorts and you’re all set. Prints are the necessity of the season.