I know your secret: you were definitely one of the people to run into the new Lilly Pulitzer Collection at Target like it was Black Friday. No worries though; I probably would have done the same thing. The new preppy line was introduced this week, and so was an old friend of ours: spring. That’s right: ‘tis the season. In honor of warm(er) weather and flamingo patterns, this Fashionista’s spring look is a take on the modern prep with some boho accents.

Two words: This. Dress. I’ve heard a number of others, myself included, ask where this dress is from. Well, I have the answer, Fashionistas: Free People. When we think of Free People, we think of airy, Coachella or pretty much anything farthest from preppy. While those adjectives that come to mind are true, this Fashionista takes on bohemia but with some hints of prep: a Harding Lane baseball cap, a monogrammed necklace and a classic pair of tan Jack Rodgers sandals. Everything about this Fashionista’s look says spring and effortlessness; the College Prepster would be proud.

While 60 degrees in spring feels like summer, especially after a harsh winter, wind chills make the air feel ten times colder. With that in mind, this Fashionista finished her look off with a simple denim jacket: a spring staple if you were to ask me.

One Simple Change: With a college budget, mixing and matching throughout the year is your best friend. Although a long ways away, save this dress for a look in the fall. By adding an adirondack jacket and brown leather wedges, you can say “hello” to autumn—just not any time soon, please.