Dear Fashionista/oss, spring is near! Warmer temperatures are flirting with our winter buried souls. With hopeful sighting of red robins and puddles of melted snow, our moods are revived.

This Fashionista is wearing a mighty comfortable outfit. She is wearing a zip-up crew neck, with lovely harem pants. Harem pants are one of my favorite styles of this current trend universe. They were adopted from the Middle Eastern culture and are usually presented with lively colors that can brighten one’s outfit. Harem pants are fun visually and functionally. One can easily move in them while being stylish and cool.

Since snow is starting to clear out and sidewalks are beginning to dry up, it is time to make way for sneakers! I know all of you who endured the snow and salt filled ground placed your sneakers away for their own protection, and you wore boots for winter endurance. Boots are beautiful, but it is time for the seasonal transition! This Fashionista is rocking out her neon pink sneakers that are pleasing to the eye. I love the bright sneaker trend; it encourages one to get active.

The hints of spring are exciting, but the temperatures are still too premature to start stripping down to T-shirts and shorts. This Fashionista is wearing a warm half zip-up sweatshirt, which will keep her warm and free to move without multiple layers.

One Simple Change: If you change this sweatshirt to a simple tank top, this would make a functional outfit for your workout.