WHAT TO WEAR: Sorority Wear

March, the month of the lucky, or in our case, the stylish. Green is in and the details are there to follow. This month has been confusing up here in New England when it comes to weather, one second it is warm and you don’t need a jacket and the next it is freezing and snowing. As you can see when looking at this Fashionista, it was warm enough to not need a jacket.

A light sweater is perfect when it comes to days where it is too warm for a jacket and you’re not really sure if it will get cold or not. You can try open cardigans from a range of sizes, baggy or tight, short or long. There are a range of sweaters to make every outfit diverse and the best part, they are essentials to a closet and you can always wear them even just with a simple T-shirt. As you can see, this Fashionista did just that. She paired a long oatmeal-colored sweater with a cute, sorority T-shirt. You add your favorite pair of jeans and you got yourself a perfect outfit for New England weather.

Next, you have to think the details. You need shoes. Usually on my campus, if you want to look nice, shoes are usually booties or boots. This Fashionista chose booties, brown ones that match her T-shirt perfectly. A small detail she noticed was that the color brown in her letters on the shirt matched her shoes perfectly. Another detail this Fashionista has going on is her Apple watch. It is both functional and stylish, perfect for the on-the-go college student.

Overall, this Fashionista has a look that you could copy any day of the week. It works wether you’re running late for class or if you want to dress up, but still feel comfortable. Add a bag full of your laptop and books and you’re set for a day full of classes.