Here in Pennsylvania, the weather is so unpredictable that you need to check the weather app on your phone every two minutes just to get an accurate idea of what to wear. And with no surprise, Mother Nature took a twist today and decided that two feet of snow was the idea that she had for this so-called spring break. So, walking outside to get the essentials for getting snowed in for who knows how long, I spotted something colorful amongst the white snow.

Starting with the main focus in this outfit, this Fashionista put on a trendy colorblock vintage jacket. This jacket blocks wind and makes the cold temperatures bearable. Underneath the jacket she put on a plain white T-shirt and then wore black jeans for her pants. To add more of an edgy look, she wore black and white Vans and a black beanie to tie the look together.

This look brings a more tomboy look to the table. In the colder months, you need something that is stylish but also comfortable and warm. The jacket adds the warmth and comfort needed to get through all the snowball fights and snowman making contests with your friends. Adding the Vans and hat to the outfit is a necessity to keep your look trendy but also keeps the warm air from leaving your body. After all the time spent outside, I like to retire with some hot chocolate and episodes of Shameless on Netflix with my best friends. Happy snow days, everyone!