WHAT TO WEAR: Snow Day Casual

February 21st, 2017 at 2:00am

One of my favorite things about going to school on the East Coast is getting to experience all of the seasons. While winter may not yield trips to the beach, the beautiful changing trees, or the sun that summer, fall, and spring may bring, it does bring many snow days for the University of New Hampshire. On my adventures during this snow day, I ran into this Fashionista who was running to brunch with some friends at a local breakfast joint near campus.

What stood out to me about this Fashionista’s outfit was her vintage, thrifted coat with a colorful, unique design that she wore to anchor her outfit. To find a coat similar to hers, this Fashionista recommends checking out your local thrift shops or rummaging through your moms boxes of old clothes. She paired her coat with a simple gray T-shirt and added more detail with her layered necklaces. A basic pair of dark wash skinny jeans went well with her leather, knee-high boots. Good, basic layers are a necessity for big snow days as a way to keep warm and add more details on top. By removing and/or mixing up outer layers from this outfit, you can be ready for any season for the year!

This Fashionista also added faux glasses to her look, a trend that many models, YouTubers, and social media influencers have been endorsing lately. This trend is all about thick, patterned frames and colorful lenses. They add a modern twist on her otherwise classically vintage look.