WHAT TO WEAR: Slay for Class

February 9th, 2017 at 2:00am
WHAT TO WEAR: Slay for Class

By now, most of you are back in school for your second semester of classes and are just beginning to get into the routine of things. As work starts to eventually pile up, you will most likely give a lot less effort in what you wear to class and around campus. Believe me, I get it. I myself love to be “extra” and look as good as I can even if it’s just to go to my 9 a.m. math class. It can get quite tedious trying to find an outfit that you can stay comfortable all day in, while maintaining your fabulousness. Fortunately, I bumped into this Fashionista on campus, who just so happens to have some great style advice for that occasional warm afternoon when you’re tromping to and from class.

To be comfortable throughout the day but remain slayin’, this Fashionista decided to wear a loose button-down with a funky pattern, which makes this Fashionista look super cool! She claims that mixing patterns can instantly give you that boost of energy and playfulness that is essential on a boring day of classes, and I agree. Having at least one article of clothing with bright colors can be an instant pick-me-up. For outerwear, this Fashionista is wearing her olive Barbour jacket. The jacket is light and easy to move in—a perfect staple for one of those randomly super warm winter days on campus. The Barbour jacket is one solid earth-tone color on the outside, which is great for keeping your outfit more subdued. But when unzipped, the plaid pattern on the inside of the jacket playfully and intentionally clashes with the patterned button-down to give off a fun vibe. As for bottoms, this Fashionista is wearing stretchy black skinny jeans to stay comfortable while sitting for long time periods. To top off her outfit, she is wearing brown leather slip-on booties that are great for wearing when you have to walk around all day.

Thank you, Fashionista, for your great campus style tips!