WHAT TO WEAR: Skateboarding

WHAT TO WEAR: Skateboarding

As we slowly transition into fall, some of us want to chill inside and relax, while others are trying to make the most of the last days of warm weather. While exploring downtown Blacksburg, I stumbled upon a park where I met this Fashionista skateboarding around. It was like this Fashionista stepped out of a time machine from the 1970s because of her style!

The ringer T-shirt is probably the one of the most iconic style from the 70s, and is now making a comeback in the 21st century. This Fashionista is sporting this comfy ringer T-shirt from the famous Bruce Springsteen’s song, “Born In The Usa”. Luckily, ringer T-shirts are easy to find these days. This Fashionista has paired the T-shirt with her favorite pair of flared jeans, which really complete her look.

Converse or platforms are a must for a ’70s wardrobe, but this Fashionista decided to go against the current and go barefoot. This bold move makes her ’70s look more appealing! I commend her on going barefoot especially since she is skateboarding.

Three accessories she is seen rocking is her black choker, red baseball cap and skateboard! This Fashionista decided to wear the red baseball cap because it complemented her shirt as well as getting her hair out of her face while she skates.

I hope this Fashionista’s retro ’70s style inspired you, if you ever go rollerblading or skateboarding!