WHAT TO WEAR: Simply Shearling

Fall is the favorite season of many, and with good reason. It is the season of homecoming football games, parties and the holidays. It is also the best season for fashion! Its the time where you can wear all your cool jackets, scarves and flannel shirts. You can go all out with layering different textures and colors. In fall, the fashion opportunities are endless.

I spotted this Fashionista on campus. I was taken aback by her super cute outfit. She wore a tan shearling jacket with a simple, gray T-shirt. She also went with vintage looking high-waisted jeans and equally vintage looking boots. She topped this with a knitted black scarf to bring it all together.

I am in love with this look because it is has an understated sort of chicness to it. I love a simple outfit that still makes a statement. The shearling coat makes a statement by itself. To me it is saying “I know fashion”, but the simplicity of the outfit makes it clear that this comes naturally to her.

As I’ve stated before, to me, simple is always better. Your wardrobe does not have to be extravagant right now. We are in college and don’t have much money to blow on clothing. Trust me, I know the struggle all too well. A bunch of plain T-shirts and a few good pairs of jeans will do. All you need to have is a few statement pieces to make your outfits pop. This could be a cool jacket, some cooky shoes or an oversized scarf. It is fall, so take advantage of your chance to layer.