WHAT TO WEAR: Simple is Better

Girls are not the only ones who need style advice. Some boys actually care about the way they look and want to make sure their outfits are fit for certain occasions.

With this outfit this Fashionisto has put together can be worn on a date night or simply an outfit for class.

Going from top to bottom he is wearing an extended jacket from PacSun. This jacket can be worn for casual use or for a more dressy look. Just change the pants and shoes and you have an entirely different look.

The jeans are very simple, but the cuts on the knee of the pants gives the outfit a little something extra. If you do not want your outfit to look too simple or basic, cut up jeans are the perfect way to change that.

Timberland boots are one of the shoes that can be worn with many different outfits depending on the occasion. In this look, the Timberlands make the outfit more masculine feel. These days women and men wear clothes that are very similar in style. This outfit can be worn by a girl as well. If a girl were to wear this outfit all she has to do to put a feminine touch on it is to change the shoes or just simply add accessories. A nice gold necklace would go great with this outfit.

While wearing this outfit, heads will surely turn. Even though this outfit is amazing, the best accessory you can ever wear is your confidence.