WHAT TO WEAR: Simple Campus Chic

So we’ve been back on campus for a few weeks now, and everyone is back to take this year and make it their own. New goals are set, and everyone is pushing to make sure that this year runs smoothly since we are a step closer to getting out and starting our careers.

I’m excited to get the chance to capture some of the stylish looks that feature on Lisof campus and share it with others to see. It’s an exciting time because we all know that everyone shows their best when the year starts. At Lisof, everyone manages to maintain their enthusiasm through their sense of style throughout the year. Being in a creative atmosphere only inspires us to work hard to accomplish what we plan to achieve in the industry of fashion–of course making sure to do so in the most stylish way possible!

This Fashionista is one example of many diverse styles that can be spotted on campus. This relaxed look was put together with simple pieces such as a pair of black jeans, cotton sweater, and slip-on sneakers. This look was pulled together with a bomber jacket and a cute backpack. Although this is a simple look for class, there is still a sense of edge and style to this look. It’s such an eye-opener to see how so many people are able to show their individuality through the way they choose to put together different pieces of clothing, in a way that they feel expresses them best.

Yes, we attend school to study and further our knowledge for our planned career paths, but we are also on a journey to discover different ways of expressing who we are as individuals. Thankfully we are given the world of fashion as one out of many ways to do so.