WHAT TO WEAR: Simple and Chic to Class

To me, one of the hardest questions I ask myself every morning is, “What should I wear to class?”

I begin the process by checking the weather to see how warm or cold it is outside, and in northwest Arkansas that changes day by day. Then, I proceed to look out the window to see if it will be acceptable to wear sunglasses or not—regardless of clouds, most of the time I deem it acceptable. Then I go to my closet. Do I go for comfy leggings and a sweatshirt, or do I try to be that “cute” girl you see in class that you always wish you were?I ultimately try to achieve a balance between the two, which this Fashionista pictured did effortlessly.

This Fashionista above wears a long navy coat. This is the statement piece for the outfit, but is also very functional. The coat covers from the mildly cold weather we have been having in Arkansas, but makes the leggings and sweater ensemble under appear more put together. To contrast the with the texture of the coat, she adds a knit navy sweater under.

Keeping the look casual and comfortable, she also wears a simple pair of black leggings, but adds some fun to the look with white and navy striped socks. Finally, she wears a pair of Adidas sneakers, which are still very on-trend for the year of 2017. These sneakers are the perfect shoe to wear to class and can be dressed up or down on an everyday basis.

Whether you want to be bold or athletic, you’re going to class to learn. So be cute, but more importantly be comfortable! It is better to focus on what you’re learning instead of what you’re wearing. Let other people stare at your outfit while you focus in class. As always, continue to have a successful and fashionable semester Fashionistas/os!