When it comes to getting up for class on time and looking somewhat presentable, the struggle can be so real! Personally, I like to check the weather for the next day at some point during the night before. Brainstorming the ensemble I want to wear the night before helps me to get a few extra minutes of beauty sleep.

I was outside getting some fresh air in between my afternoon classes when I came across this campus cutie. This Fashionista is wearing a cream ribbed crop top with a pair of slim-fit boyfriend jeans, a black leather backpack and a pair of Nike sneakers. Being comfortable is so important when you’re sitting in class and time is moving one mile per hour.

Getting those last few wears out of your favorite crop-top before the season takes a turn is a cute way to add some femininity to your outfit. Stocking up on a few pair of flattering, neutral crop-tops is essential in any wardrobe because you can wear them over and over again. People tend to catch on to trendy pieces and will probably be able to tell when you re-wear it. Adding a pair of slim fit boyfriend jeans is a good way to show off your waistline but also helps to subtly cover a little more skin when you’re wearing a crop-top.

If you’re keeping up with any fashion bloggers on Instagram, you’ll know that heels and uncomfortable flats are not essential anymore. You can add a pair of Nike sneakers to any look and still be fashion forward! This fashionista finished off her look with a pair of dainty gold earrings and a small gold bracelet. Accessories are by no means a necessity for class but if you’ve got an extra 30 seconds to throw it on, why not? On her way out the door, this Fashionista grabbed her leather backpack for some fashionable learning and studying!