WHAT TO WEAR: Sayings in Blue

This winter and going into spring, blue is the color to be seen in. Whether it is shades of sky, royal, navy, or aqua, blue is a color that everyone should feel themselves in. With its powerful undertones and easily worn hue, anyone can pull off the color blue!

Blue is easily paired with black, white, silver, gray, or any neutral tone. Not sure what to wear when coming back to campus after a long winter break? Easy answer: black jeans with a black T-shirt, throw on a jean jacket, tie a black scarf around your neck, step into your favorite white sneakers, and your back to school look is ready to go. It’s as easy as that.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is one little catch… To add some flare and some individuality, do not grab your classic plain jean jacket; get yourself a unique piece of outerwear with a cute saying or quote, or anything painted or embroidered. If you’re looking for a simpler look, try the jacket in the pictures above that modestly says “Love Me Forever.” If you are trying to pull off a more grunge, edgy look, painted and distressed jean jackets work best (FYI, Zara has a ton!).

It is also fun to go pick out your favorite patches to stick onto the front corner of your jacket. The Fashionista above chose three patches to attach to her jacket: an evil eye, a ying-yang symbol, and one that says “maybe.” Doing this will really make your look different as no one else will have the same patch combination as you do.

So have fun this season, and find yourself an atypical look that adds your personality and character!