WHAT TO WEAR: Running From the Cold

Along with the New Year, winter is ringing itself in just in time to welcome students back to campus with a little nip. Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike are doing whatever it takes to stay warm while trekking through the icy tundra to get from class to class. For some, that means adding layers, and for others, it is an excuse to bundle up in their coziest of sweat clothes.

This Fashionisto shows us how he stays active during the winter months, or actively fighting off the cold. Layer number one consists of a basic green T-shirt, kicking this look off with a pop of color. His Adidas warm pants add versatility to the look. He could wear them to class to stay warm and comfortable and also be ready to hit the gym afterward. He’s sporting a pair of Nike Air sneakers because they offer support for walking over a mile to class from off-campus housing. They’re also super lightweight and can accompany him to his afternoon workout without weighing him down. This look is completed with an Adidas hoodie. But wait! This Fashionisto is far enough into his college career to know better. He adds another layer right before the hoodie for extra warmth. His Under Armour ColdGear® jacket is thin enough to act as an under layer, but it’s specifically designed to combat the frigid air. This entire look is warm, breathable, and lightweight. It offers a great deal of mobility through the winter breeze, to class, and to workout.

Not hitting the gym after class? Dress this outfit up by swapping the sweats for a nice pair of jeans. If there is wintry weather on the radar, snow boots would fair better than sneakers. On a fluky warm winter day, eliminating the Under Armour layer and just sticking with an easy sweat suit could dress down this look. No matter the occasion, sweat clothes can be mixed into any outfit on college campuses this season. It’s up to the weather and destination to determine exactly what to wear.