WHAT TO WEAR: Running Errands

As college students, the stress of the fall semester is upon us. I have been running around and getting all of my things together to prepare for the school year. Errands have taken over my life, as I’m sure they’ve been taking over all of your lives too! While out and about, I ran into a Fashionista who was dressed perfectly for a day full of running errands.

Emitting a sporty yet trendy look, this Fashionista paired a basic white V-neck with loose black shorts. These basic pieces allow her to stay comfortable throughout her busy day while still looking cute and fashionable. To cover up, she added on a light wash denim jacket, showing that she keeps up with the hottest trends. Denim is very popular this season and looks super trendy for any occasion.

Her accessories are very minimal, as they should be while out and about on a busy day! She sticks with only wearing a ring and her Michael Kors watch to add some “bling” to her look. She also uses her hair as a great accessory by rocking a messy bun. This hairstyle is another popular trend this season, including messy ponytails and braids. It works great for running errands, keeping your hair up and out of your face but still looking super cute.

She tops off the look with a black cross-body bag, black sandals and sunglasses. By choosing all neutrals and basic pieces this Fashionista really builds a casual vibe. It shows that she’s ready for a busy, adventurous day and wants to look good while getting things done.

One Simple Change: Switch the denim jacket to a leather jacket or vest. This will change the vibe from casual to edgy and would work great for attending a concert or music festival!