WHAT TO WEAR: Romantic Date Night

February is the month of love which means men and women are sure to fit a few romantic date nights into their schedules. Dates can be pretty relaxed, but it is always a fun time to get dressed up with your significant other and take a night for yourselves.

This Fashionisto knew exactly how to style an outfit to make himself look put together while remaining slightly relaxed at the same time. The untucked oxford shirt looks great with the bottom hanging out of the sweater. It is an excellent way to show off the pattern of the shirt underneath since it is mostly covered up by the sweater. His sweater is cozy for the winter weather. It is a key staple that can be worn by itself for a more casual look, or dressed up the way he did.

His jeans are different shade than normal, and they look great with the other colors he is wearing. It is not every day you see a Fashionisto throwing on a pair of gray jeans instead of the classic blue shade, but these jeans make for a more sophisticated and dressy look to go out in.

His shoes come off to be almost black, but they are really a dark navy color. The shoes tie the whole look together, and are the perfect easy slip-on shoe to make a look. They are a lace-up dress shoe that any guy could adopt into his wardrobe for a go-to pair of dress shoes.