WHAT TO WEAR: Rocker Chic

Walking around campus at WSU is usually just a sea of students in puffy coats and huge snow boots. I am usually one of those students as well. That is why it is super easy to spot out a Fashionista.

This Fashionista is rocking her outfit from head to toe, as I was able to spot out her pink hair right away. The bandana is the new trend and can be seen in this Fashionista’s hair. Wearing a bandana on your head, neck, or wrist will add immediate grunge to your look and is an easy accessory. A graphic T-shirt is always my favorite addition; they are so comfortable but add so much to any outfit. This outfit is so awesome because of the great layering techniques this Fashionista used. The long brown sweater under a nice, black, cargo, winter coat gives layers and warmth to the Fashionista.  Layers can make a boring outfit into a great one. Ripped jeans are always a plus and are clearly very in style right now. My favorite part of this outfit is the military boots. Military boots have come and go, but these boots have a ’90s feel to the outfit. The boots look vintage and tie the whole rocker look back together.

Keeping warm can be hard, but if you continue to layer up and take advantage of the boot season, you will be good to go. Mix black with your bright colors, and when in doubt wear a bandana! Do not be afraid to dress up in this down weather.