WHAT TO WEAR: Rock Your Body(suit)

The spring season is finally upon us, which means it is time to pull out the shorts and sandals, coat ourselves in sunscreen, and let the California sun work its magic. The beautiful weather in California always has Fashionista/os searching for new ways to update their look. We always tend to wear outfits that are no different from our regular shorts, T-shirt, and Rainbow sandals, but what if we wanted to try something a little different? This Fashionista shows us how to update our style for the warm weather in southern California.

With palm trees swaying in the background, this is a perfect outfit for your average spring day. The classic distressed high-waisted shorts lengthen the legs, making you appear taller. We all want to be a few inches taller, am I right ladies? The dark black booties give the style an extra edge, while the light kimono gives a sweet, innocent vibe. Style this outfit  with a cute pair of sunglasses and you are more than ready for that springtime brunch.

What gives this outfit versatility is the bodysuit. The on-trend piece fits with any wardrobe, and hugs your body better than your boyfriend. It can show just the right amount of skin, without looking too frisky. Although, if that is the aesthetic you are going for, then more power to you. Bodysuits come in many different materials, patterns, and textures. They can be paired with a kimono, like this Fashionista here, or worn on their own. In these spring and summer seasons, you can’t go wrong with a bodysuit.

If you are in need of some more bodysuit inspiration, scroll through any one of the Kardashians’ Instagram accounts. They are pretty much avid bodysuit wearers. There you’ll find new ways to take your spring look to the next level.