WHAT TO WEAR: Resolutions

WHAT TO WEAR: Resolutions

Cheers to 2017! Everyone has made their resolutions and whether you have been sticking to them or not, you can always make yourself feel good by putting on a fab outfit. Athleisure is the way to go in 2017. It is super trendy and it can compensate the lack of your new year’s resolution of going to the gym more often.

For those of us college girls who want to make it to the gym but have super slammed schedules, athleisure is calling your name. Sometimes it is so overwhelming; attending class, meeting with your group project, and making sure you get to office hours before your professor leaves for the day. If you’re still wanting to make it to the gym before dinnertime, try out the athleisure trend like this Fashionista.

This Fashionista pulls off this athletic/chic style so well! This look is perfect for class or perfect for a Saturday around town running errands. The key to this look is layers; this Fashionista starts with a crewneck and leggings. Her Vans slip-on shoes in black make any outfit look athletic but still trendy, they also make it easy to transition from being on the go to gym time. The outer layer on this Fashionista is what really caught my eye, her white winter jacket really adds the right amount of chic to the look.

Her accessories tie the whole look together. Her oversize scarf is the perfect touch! It is keeping this Fashionista warm while running errands but also ties the white jacket and dark outfit together! Her Kate Spade tote makes it easy to carry around everything she needs whether it is school books or her Nikes for the gym!

This fashionista has layered a workout tank top and a sports bra under her crewneck, so all she has to do is trade her Vans for Nike tennis shoes and she will be set to hit the gym!