WHAT TO WEAR: Recruitment Season

If you’re a senior in college, you definitely know that recruitment season is in full swing! From that initial interaction with recruiters to the actual interview, you must present yourself professionally and polished throughout the process. An important part of your first impression also includes what you’re wearing, so you want to make sure that you’re dressed to impress!

Your outfit choice sends many messages to the recruiters, so you want to be sure you’re giving off the correct one. The foremost important thing you have control over during the whole recruitment process, is that you can choose what you wear! This is a great time to show the recruiter who you are, through your outfit. You should wear something that you feel confident and comfortable in, rather than wearing something because you think you should wear it. For example, I have a pair of dress pants and a blazer, which isn’t me. So whenever I wear it, I’m not as confident as when I wear an outfit that I’m actually excited to wear, such as wearing one of my business dresses paired with a statement necklace. So first and most important rule: always dress like yourself.

This Fashionisto clearly shows off his personal style, and is ready for recruitment season! He is sporting a white button down, with a dot print. He matches the button down with a dark-grey dress pant, and pairs that with a brown leather belt. His finishing touches include the brown leather oxfords, as well as a silver watch with a black band. This outfit really captures who the Fashionisto is as an individual. All in all, this outfit is unique, yet he is comfortable and confident at the same time!

So, whatever step of the recruitment process you’re at, make sure to show off who you are through your clothing choices. It’s a great way to make the right impression on recruiters, and a recruiter might even remember you more if you’re wearing a memorable outfit!