In order to start this post out the right way, it’s important that I be completely honest. This Fashionisto’s outfit first caught my eye simply because I thought he was wearing his shirt unbuttoned, with nothing underneath, in the middle of winter. Such a look wouldn’t really be acceptable at school during any season, but this look at the end of January was especially daring and confusing. It turns out, as visible by the photos, that the Fashionisto was instead rocking a light pink sweatshirt, and I decided it was eye-catching in a different way.

First of all, this is such a rad color to wear on a dreary Pittsburgh day. These photos were actually taken while the seemingly endless rain decided to finally let up, so with a week of non-stop precipitation, it’s always nice to bring a little color into things. I’m really into this rose color at the moment, and I’m actually looking for a similarly colored sweatshirt, perhaps a little paler, and I want it to have a hood. I’m so desperate, though, that I actually tried to bribe this Fashionisto into giving me his sweatshirt at the end of our photo shoot (kidding) (sort of).

The pop of color doesn’t end with the dusty rose sweatshirt, as the maroon button-down adds another layer to the color scheme. These aren’t two colors I would typically put together, but it absolutely works in this look. The simple black jeans and shoes keep attention on the busier top half of the outfit, and are a great way to keep the color palette from going overboard. Overall, this outfit is comfy and casual, and the button-down keeps it versatile for any plans you may have that day after class. Work? Going out with friends? Studying non-stop until your brain ceases to function? This outfit is perfect for all of those activities.