For those of us lucky enough to live up North we are still in the heart of winter but we can see the rainy days of spring in the distance and this Fashionista is ready for them. I know, I know, when it’s rainy and cloudy no one wants to go out and they definitely don’t want to dress up but I promise it is not hard. There are three easy steps to create an outfit that will brighten up any dark day.

First, a lighter color top. It is said that wearing brighter, lighter colors enhance your mood. This drop waist peplum top is in a blush pink color which is a perfect color for the transition from winter to spring. Peplum tops are my absolute favorite so I am so happy that they have been becoming so popular recently. They are perfect for any body type and are a great way to give your outfit some extra flair.

Second, while jumping in puddles might make for the perfect Instagram Boomerang, be sure you come prepared with some tall rain boots. And make sure they are a cute pattern, like this Fashionista’s, for extra likes. Instead of getting yourself one of those clear bubble umbrellas that everyone on campus already has, go bold and unique with a cool patterned one like this.

Lastly, the gems on this outfit will shine through any rain clouds they come across. This precious headband gives off serious Blair Waldorf vibes and diamonds and rose gold bracelets are a perfect match. Layer on the jewels and keep on shining!