WHAT TO WEAR: Rain Rain Go Away

Rain rain go away…or don’t because that means I can wear my new rain jacket! While rain might not be the ideal weather forecast for a day on campus, it means you can pull out your new rain jacket and boots for the occasion. This Fashionista is layered perfectly for a cold and rainy day in the not-so-sunny Philadelphia. (I thought it was always sunny in Philadelphia?) Wearing a few of your favorite pieces can always cheer you up on a rather gloomy day.

Pairing ripped denim and a flannel is the perfect outfit for a cold day in the fall season, and it looks super cute with your favorite layering pieces. In this look, the flannel is left open to add a super cute and casual black bodysuit to match with the layering rain jacket. Wearing something neutral underneath the flannel allows for this Fashionista to pair some of her favorite accessories with the look.

When the weather is not your favorite, pull out some of your favorite accessories to take a casual outfit to the next level! This is a perfect way to brighten both your look and your mood in one simple step. Golden tones look great over a black top, and also pair nicely with the crisp, black rain jacket.

My favorite part of this Fashionista’s look are her boots! Without the jacket, these L.L Bean boots pair perfectly with the fall aesthetic of her outfit. With the jacket, the boots support the look while making it look casual and effortless. These colors go great with just about anything and are perfect for the rainy streets of campus.

While the weather might be gloomy, never let your outfit be! Throw on your jacket and boots, and pair them with some of your favorite pieces. I promise you won’t want to hide away in your room on rainy days (or maybe you will…Netflix is tempting!)

Stay RAD, Fashionistas…rain or shine! Until next time!