WHAT TO WEAR: Punk Meets Urban Athleisure

It seems crazy but it is already December! I honestly cannot believe how fast the days and months (and years!) continue to go by. With winter approaching it’s time to bundle up. Knowing how to stay warm is especially important in Chicago. Not only is the winter cold but it is also usually windy. This urban Fashionisto understands how brisk Chicago winters can be, and is unquestionably ready to take on the season.

I met this Fashionisto at the beginning of the school year when he sat next to me in a computing class. Let me tell you, he is one of the funniest people I’ve had the privilege of meeting, and also one of the best dressed.

Decked out in a red and black ensemble, this Fashionisto undoubtedly paid mindful consideration while putting this outfit together. Wearing a Nirvana tee shirt from J.C. Penney, he layers it with a red and black plaid flannel from the Villa Boutique. He covers his shirt and flannel with a black bomber jacket. Tying his outfit together flawlessly he dons an all black outfit from ASOS featuring ripped jeans, a hat and boots, all from ASOS, and all in black.

When asked about his fashion choices, this Fashionisto stated that his favorite places to shop are Topman and ASOS. Having lived in the suburbs of Chicago his whole life, he has a prevailing urban taste in fashion. When asked how he would describe his style this Fashionisto said his style would be called “punk meets urban athleisure”. Can’t disagree with that.