WHAT TO WEAR: Pretty In Pink

February 13th, 2017 at 2:00am

As most of our semesters are starting to get into full speed now, we find ourselves just wanting a minute away from work and studying. The perfect remedy for a long and hard week of school is a fun night out with friends. A night out with friends is great because you can always wear something that is laid-back, without feeling like you have something to dress up for.

Hanging out with friends allows you to get your mind off of school for the night and just relax. Being about to relax means being totally free and comfortable, and that includes your outfit too. Finding the perfect laid-back but trendy outfit is ideal for a night out with your friends no matter the occasion. For me, hanging out with friends could involve anything from shopping, seeing a movie, going to eat, or going to a concert.

This Fashionista found her fit of a trendy but laid-back outfit for a night out in the city with friends. She chose to wear a more grungy, but chic outfit. On her top, she wore a band T-shirt that she did a DIY on and added some rips to it. On her bottom, she wore black ripped jeans and finished her outfit off with an eye-catching pink leather jacket, and the cutest Steve Madden statement shoes.

Go ahead and take a break from your hard schedule, and have some fun! Always remember that just because you are going out does not mean you have to sacrifice trendy for uncomfortable.