WHAT TO WEAR: Presentations

No matter what area of academics you are studying in, presentations are a part of many college student’s academic life. Although the idea of public speaking may seem like a daunting idea to many students, there is one helpful fashion hint that may help with your presentation. Studies have shown that how one dresses can affect the way they feel. When you are dressed up in a more polished manner, it can lead to a higher boost of confidence, which can leader to a better performance.

Dressing in a put together manner is not the only issue, comfort is key as well. Being comfortable in your outfit will allow you to be less nervous and relax while giving your presentation. By combining a look of refinement and comfort, you will be more confident and overcome any anxiety you may have about talking in front of a group of people.

This Fashionista has perfected this combination! The dark blue, low cut sweater allows for the collar of the blouse to come out, while the slight pop of color from the striped pink blouse brings a touch of sophistication to the outfit. The slight heels of the gray booties adds height, which can further boost one’s confidence while speaking in front of an entire class. Subtle details such as the Alex and Ani bangles and the gold crystal necklace help complete the look.

One Simple Change: Switch out the booties for a pair of fun heels to make this the perfect outfit for a night out with the girls!