WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

October 22nd, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello lovers of fashion! As a Communication major, I have to give a lot of presentations; however, I’m not the only one. Just about everyone has to give presentations in college. Most of them are to prepare you for when you have a job that requires you to speak in front of others. The presentation itself is not the only thing that holds significance. People won’t just remember what you said, but what you wore. For example, I once gave a presentation on how to promote a designer handbag collection. The feedback was positive with the help of my outfit (they actually commented on my clothes) because I dressed for the part.

A first impression is everything, so when giving presentations it’s important to look your best. You should look professional, but also include your personal style. This Fashionista does a fantastic job pulling together a professional and totally cute look! A chic blazer paired with a white button-down top and professional pants is the perfect way to leave a lasting first impression. Heels or flats work with this outfit, however this Fashionista has chosen to go with heels, which can make your legs look longer. Simple jewelry like the rings she is wearing goes perfectly with this kind of outfit because they add a little bit of personality.

Since it is fall, a blazer with fall colors is instantly stylish. This Fashionista chose a maroon blazer because it is one of the colors of her coed fraternity. So while the color choice is personal to her, it is also perfect for this time of year. She says it is also a “confidence boost” because it makes her feel business professional.

One Simple Change: If you wanted to wear a blazer, but go for a more casual look you can ditch the heels and wear white sneakers instead. Also, instead of professional pants you can throw on a pair of high-waisted denim shorts and have a cute, preppy look for class!