WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

Business-casual is a difficult concept. You dress up for an interview; you put on the leather jacket for a night out. But what do you do for a networking event where you need to show your character and professionalism at the same time?

While this Fashionista keeps the outfit light with a low-cut top and a mini skirt, she tones down the colors to settle her look. This subtle aspect is further reinforced by the few accessories she wears, including only her satchel. This Fashionista’s satchel is casual in all ways, but it does not stand out too much as the color seamlessly blends with her hair. Sporting bare feet in the minimal brown flats is the final step in making her legs look longer. Thus, her whole figure looks leaner.

With business purposes aside, the combination of the shirt and the high-waisted mini skirt is well executed. They are in accordance with the season and seem to elongate her limbs.

An eye-catching element of her look would be the two discrete pairs of earrings. They are of different colors, patterns and shapes. The way in which this Fashionista has them concealed under her hair looks almost intentional. I can imagine her feeling secretly fashionable while she’s exchanging hellos at the networking event.

Lastly, her wallet and pouch inside the satchel are bright sky blue and turquoise, adding summer brightness to her look whenever she has to give somebody her card. This a very interesting and definitely fashionable finish.

One Simple Change: This Fashionista’s outfit is undoubtedly the base for any summer look. Brighten up the colors of the shirt and skirt, put on accessories that speak to you, tie your hair back to reveal a unique pair of earrings, and you are easily looking at a summer date night ensemble!