WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

As the academic year draws to a close, final exams and projects are beginning to take up all our time. Everybody seems to be reverting to sweats and low-maintenance looks in order to spend less time getting ready and more time hitting the books. Unless, of course, you have a final presentation due.

This Fashionista’s casual yet pulled-together look provides an alternative to the traditional blazer or pantsuit adored by so many high school mock trial participants. Her outfit is ideal, especially if the aforementioned final presentation is for your first class of the day and you don’t want to sit through more exams with formal wear constricting your movement. Our Fashionista’s preppy Parisian look is perfect for a presentation for a laid-back professor and for taking any other tests she might have that day. You know what they say—dress well, test well!

This Fashionista’s black cardigan and striped knit provide a calming balance to her bright red jeans. The contrast of the white and black stripes with the bright red simultaneously suggests control and confidence while commanding attention and letting the Fashionista’s personality shine through. Her thin leather belt adds a no-fuss accent, and her choice of strappy gladiator sandals makes the look more casual while adding character to the color-blocked contrast of her shirt and jeans. To make sure her hair stays out of her face, our Fashionista has artfully braided it back, adding another personal touch to her look.

One Simple Change: Ditch the cardigan and swap the heavier knit for a striped linen tank top to get a more casual, summery feel. Add some bright red liquid lipstick to add more of a Parisian pop to the outfit and voila! You’re golden for a post-finals celebration sesh with friends.