WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

Giving presentations in college are inevitable. No matter how scary they may be, we all have to do them eventually. One of the best ways to have confidence during a presentation is to dress in way that makes you feel confident. It is important to dress both professionally and appropriately when giving a presentation, but there are plenty of ways to do that and still add your own flare.

This Fashionista allowed her own personal style to shine, while still looking presentable for the occasion. When getting ready for an important presentation, many girls may resort right to the traditional blazer and heels, but it can be okay to be a little more creative if you’re not necessarily comfortable in that. This Fashionista took the flat shoes and sweater approach, which works just as well!

By wearing this fun polka-dot dress I’m sure she was able to loosen some of the tension of pre-presentation jitters just by being herself. The emerald green cardigan sweater added a pop of color that worked really well against the navy blue dress. Her shoes were simple black flats so she didn’t have to worry about her feet hurting while she stood behind the podium in front of everyone. The tights were also a good call because during a presentation, you don’t want anyone to be distracted by a skirt or dress that’s too short. This Fashionista had it covered by adding a pair of black tights. She had a decent amount of coverage in order to remain professional, but she was still able to show her individuality and be comfortable.

One Simple Change: If this Fashionista simply ties her sweater around her waist and loses the tights, then she is in the perfect weekend wear. The polka-dot dress and flats are automatically transformed to being cute and casual for hanging out with friends on the weekend.