WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

So, you’re nervous for a final project that you have to present during class. Even worse, you have no idea what to wear. Well, have no fear, this Fashionista embodies a presentation-perfect look.

I spotted this stylish student on campus one afternoon, immediately drawn to her long camel jacket and distinct red shirt. She gave the impression of an intelligent, successful student just by the clothes she wore.

This outfit is on-point for a presentation. When you’re in front of a classroom speaking, you want to be viewed as professional and put together. At the same time, though, you don’t want to be over the top and show up in a blazer and pencil skirt. This Fashionista managed to strike the perfect balance.

Her long camel jacket was light enough for the early spring weather, yet warm enough to be comfortable in the chilly wind. It added a ton of drama to her look. When she took off her jacket, she showed off her long sleeve button-up, which was a pretty shade of red. Her shirt contrasted nicely with her crisp white pants. She finished off the outfit with a simple pair of black sandals.

On her side, she wore an oversized tote that was a deep shade of purple. All of the colors this Fashionista wore complemented each other perfectly.

This is a spot-on look for a presentation. It’s clean, crisp yet fun and unique. It’s important to stand out when giving presentations, while also remaining professional and true to your own style. This Fashionista accomplished that effortlessly.

One Simple Change: So after the presentation, some friends want to go study at the library. To transform the look into something a tad more casual, ditch the jacket and swap out the white pants for a comfortable pair of destroyed boyfriend jeans.