WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

So, you have a major presentation this week and you have spent the whole semester preparing for it. Between late nights and endless days at the library, the last thing you want to do is think about what to wear to the presentation. You need something simple yet comfortable but that also elevates your presentation. What’s a girl to do?

This Fashionista wears the perfect presentation outfit that is sure to take her presentation to the next level. Black is a great color to wear to any presentation because it’s classic and easy to wear. Additionally, black is super figure flatter. As any Fashionista can attest, wearing black anything instantly slims down anything you may be self-conscious about, making black perfect for a presentation.

However, instead of wearing a stuffy black suit, this Fashionista opts for a more feminine look. Her simple black cotton dress is casual yet professional, and acts as a blank canvas for her statement gold necklace. She completes her look with gold wedges and simple gold and blue bracelets. By opting for wedges instead of flats, this Fashionista is sure to stand tall and proud to appear confident throughout her presentation.

Follow in the footsteps of this Fashionista, and you’ll be sure to rock your presentation! Remember to dress for success!

One Simple Change: Meeting your guy for lunch after your presentation? Throw a pair of flat sandals into your bag to swap out your wedges. This simple change will give you a more casual (and comfortable!) date outfit!