WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

First impressions are everything. Whether it is interviews, the first day on the job or giving presentations, you want everyone to see you as you are. Your personality should shine through as you flaunt your professional self, no matter who you are talking to or what you are talking about. This Fashionista knows exactly what to wear to stand out, be noticed and to impress the crowd.

This Fashionista’s bright trench coat is perfect for the classroom or the workplace. The orangey red hue makes her stand out, while utilizing a color that perfectly complements her olive skin tone. By pairing such a bold piece with all-black staples, like her leggings and shirt, the ensemble stays professional and polished. The length of the trench coat is super flattering, and because the hem hits mid-thigh, it portrays an aura of professionalism that wouldn’t be achieved if the jacket were shorter. The lines of the coat are simple and clean, giving even more to her already put together look.

Simple details are the perfect way to accessorize this outfit. The Fashionista’s chunky gold and silver short chain necklace is a great way to amp up the look without competing with her coat. The multiple metals makes the chain look softer and less extreme, and is another perfect way to catch people’s attention before delivering a message. Her rings do the same thing, nicely tying together her necklace by incorporating different metals and detailing on her hands. Her flats are a great taupe color that again allows for the focus to be on the Fashionista, guiding the eye to her statement pieces.

One Simple Change: Meeting the parents? Pair this outfit with thick heeled nude shoes to give the outfit a fancier look while still seeming professional and chic.