WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

The last few weeks of the semester call for the submission of final projects, which come with the promise of delivering presentations. Presentations are often a direct stimulation of a work environment, and so looking toward work wear is always a good idea. They are always mind numbingly nerve wracking, but a powerful outfit can help you fake it till you make it.

This Fashionista knocks it out of the park with an ensemble that is chic, comfortable and easy to throw on in the morning. She is wearing a black silk sheath dress, sheer black tights and well worn oxfords. However, it is her fierce leopard print coat that attracts attention and puts her in command. Her look is cohesive, simple and appropriate for standing up in front of a class.

Sheath dresses are the perfect way to look sophisticated while staying relaxed enough for late night practice speeches and team meetings. This dress, in a strong but still feminine print, is perfect for a pivotal day in class. If comfort is key, this sheath fits like a glove and serves as the perfect transition piece from a long day at the library to a presentation. For a more formal presentation, this tailored dove gray dress is the definite equivalent of a power suit, making any wearer look strong and in focus.

One Simple Change: If the presentation is a roaring success, switching the oxfords to heels and the coat to a leather jacket makes this outfit perfect for a celebratory night on the town.