WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

May 1st, 2015 at 2:10am

With summer right around the corner it’s hard not to push school to the side in order to focus on the sun. However, before it’s time to enjoy late night bonfires, spending days on the beach or playing beach volleyball, finishing the end of the semester is key to ending the school year on a positive note. While final tests and papers pile up, so do presentations for those semester-long projects you have been working on. While getting up a speaking in front of your peers can be intimidating, having the perfect outfit will give you that extra boost of confident.

It is essential to find the right combination of casual and business formal clothing to create the perfect presentation look. This Fashionista seamlessly exemplified a mix of formal and comfortable pieces for her presentation. She started with a professional, pale pink button-down. To flair the outfit up and add a bit of her own style, she layered a gray leopard print cardigan over the shirt, leaving it hanging open. Rolling up and cuffing the sleeves of her shirt, layered under her cardigan, brings out a pop of pink. It is a great for those who are very animated talkers and will be presenting with lots of hand movements and gestures.

While you may not think a pair of jeans are dressy enough for a presentation, this Fashionista paired skinny, dark wash jeans that add a simple and understated element to the outfit. Cuffing the jeans is an excellent way to break up the dark wash of the jeans with the heeled, black booties she paired with her outfit. These cuffs also tie in with the cuff on her shirt. With a zipper on the side and a cutout above the heel, these booties are truly formal chic—perfect for presenting.

It’s easy to fall into a slump of sweatpants and sweatshirts during the final weeks of school for those late night study sessions. However, if you have presentations coming up, try a combination of formal yet trendy clothing to wow your audience.

One Simple Change: After you ace your presentation, it’s time to enjoy a date night with your special someone. Swap out the button-down for a solid colored blouse to turn this business formal look into chic, date night formal. You’ll be able to keep the cardigan paired with a blouse if its chilly outside or you can even let the blouse stand on its own. Either option is a simple yet classy look for a fun, flirty evening.