WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

April 24th, 2015 at 2:00am

It’s Friday morning, and suddenly you jump at the irritating tune of your alarm. Before you even have time to hit snooze and return back to your peaceful slumber, you realize you have a presentation. Presentation day has to be one of the most dreadful days of any college student’s career. The thought of going in front of your entire class gives many students anxiety. Discussing topics no one pays any attention to has to be the last thing you want to be doing right before the weekend. Lucky for you, this Fashionista shows us all how to rock an easy presentation style.

The term business casual confuses many people. Usually this broad category entails wearing boring black pants and stuffy blazer. This Fashionista proves we can still have style while rocking an appropriate business casual look. She wore an off-white lace blazer, which adds a unique twist to the original look. She added in a pop of color with a turquoise statement necklace and continues to accessories with strappy pointy toes flats. These edgy shoes scream chic professionalism. The criss cross style differentiates this popular trend, which makes her a stand out. Now that this Fashionista aced her style, she is ready to ace her presentation. Dressing well and feeling good improves your confidence. Next time you have a presentation, take a little bit longer getting ready, it will definitely help build your confidence before speaking in front of your peers.

One Simple Change: Are you done with the presentation and off to dinner with the team? Simply unbutton the blazer and through on a scarf; this gives a more casual and comfortable vibe.